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Savri maranan

When you marry, you marry the entire family… “Why does one grandma babysit less than the other?” “How much do you... read more

When you marry, you marry the entire family…

“Why does one grandma babysit less than the other?” “How much do you give in a check at your brother’s son’s brit?” “Where are you having the holiday dinner?” and “whose food is better?”

Savri Maranan is the story of the typical Israeli family: there’s “his side”, and “hers”, and the well-known clich?s “Polish mother” or “Moroccan pride” are no longer related to any ethnicity, but have become symptoms woven into Israeli culture… when the link between us all is the Friday night dinner and its Kiddush. As they said in the famous film Casablan, “We’re all Jewish”.

The lives of Shay and Shani (Dvir Bendek and Rotem Abuhav) and their daughters move between the European attic of the Rosen family (Sandra Sadeh and Tuvia Zafir), where everything is repressed and swept under the rug, and the Hasson family (Yehoram Gaon and Yona Alian Keshet), where everything is up front, on the surface, and Shay knows exactly how many stitches his sister-in-law had after giving birth. In each episode, the couple alternates between families – one Friday night at the Hassons’, and the other at the Rosens’, and so forth.

It’s been a long while since an Israeli family comedy brought together generations of great actors: Yehoram Gaon and Yona Alian Keshet, Tuvia Zafir and Sandra Sadeh, Dvir Bendek and Rotem Abuhav. In the extended family you can also find Tom Avni as Adam, Shay’s brother, Yamit Sol (who also co-wrote 3 episodes) as Orna, Shani’s sister, Yaniv Polishuk plays Itamar, Shay’s brother, Liat Har Lev is Michal, Itamar’s wife, and Edna Balilius plays Merav, Shani’s sister.
The creators of the series are Ruby Duanis and Yaniv Polishuk (who plays one of the secondary characters). Roby Duanis has written and directed several successful TV shows such as Shemesh, The Pajamas, Hanefilim, and HaShminiya.


סברי מרנן - הפתיח - Savri Maranan
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Created by: Ruby Doaniass and Yaniv Polishuk

Director: Ruby Doaniass

Writers: Ruby Doaniass, Yaniv Polishuk, Eli Daray, Yamit Sol, Hen Kleinman

Video editor: Libi Ben Amos

Producers: Nava kolton and Einat Zilber


Shay and Shani – Dvir Bendek and Rotem Abuhav

The Rosen Family – Sandra Sadeh and Tuvia Tsafir

The Hasson Family – Yehoram Gaon and Yona Elian Keshet

Adam , Shay's brother – Tom Avni

Orna, Shani's sister – Yamit Sol

Moshe, Orna's husband – Ami Smolartzik

Itamar, Shay's brother – Yaniv Polishuk

Michal, Itamar's wife – Liat Har Lev

Merav, Shani's sister – Edna Balilios

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News and Events

Sabri Maranan is back (19th June 2012) 

A second season for Sabri Maranan

Channel 2 broadcaster Keshet will air another season of the sitcom "Sabri Maranan". In light of the high ratings achieved by the series' episodes, Keshet has decided to commission another season from the producer Tedy, after airing only one third of the first season's 50 episodes. The series has achieved average ratings of 26.2%.

Sabri Maranan, created by Ruby Douanis, is a sitcom starring Yehoram Gaon, Yona Elian Keshet, Tuvia Zafir, Sandra Sadeh, Dvir Bendek, and Rotem Abuhav, accompanying an Israeli family in its Friday night dinners.

Keshet representatives said: "In light of the success of Sabri Maranan, and our attempt to shorten the time between seasons, we have decided to order a second season."

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